Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ford, 21st century is time to go Green!

After reading anoncment form official site Ford, the 2012 Focus Electric is gas-free, with zero CO2 emissions.
Go Just About Anywhere – Guilt-Free

The new Focus Electric runs exclusively on electricity stored in powerful, state-of-the-art batteries, which means it never needs a drop of gas. It comes with a unique instrument panel that helps you closely monitor your energy consumption when you drive, to make sure you get the most miles, and fun, out of every charge.


The Focus Electric gets all of its power from an advanced high-voltage lithium-ion battery system, which means you'll never need a drop of gas. Its electric motor is designed to help reduce energy loss and heat generation, while reducing your carbon footprint.

Single-Speed Transmission

The single-speed transmission is built specifically to handle the high rpm range that comes with an all-electric motor. It not only helps give you a quiet, energy-efficient ride, but also delivers quick responsiveness, smooth acceleration and no-compromise driving fun. 

Competitive MPG

The Focus Electric will offer an mpg equivalent competitive with other electric vehicles on the market.* It comes with a suite of advanced driver information technology to help you better manage your energy consumption and get the most miles out of every charge.
*Based on Ford preliminary testing. Class is Small Electric Cars. 

Advanced Battery System

The Focus Electric is powered by a 23 kwh high-voltage, lightweight lithium-ion battery system. It uses an advanced active liquid cooling and heating process to regulate battery temperature and help maximize battery life, so you can get the most miles out of each charge.

Mapquest Custom Routes

Ford collaborated with Mapquest to provide custom routes. With features such as "Can I Get There?" and EcoRoute, you'll have the confidence of always knowing how far you're capable of going at existing charge levels and the most economical way to get there. You can also locate the nearest charging stations and get destination info sent right to your car through MapQuest.

Electric Vehicle App for Your Smartphone

This unique mobile app from Ford lets you monitor and schedule the charging of your Focus Electric from anywhere, to help you maximize your range. It gives you remote charging status updates, so you can check existing charge levels and available range, while keeping track of your charge schedule. It also provides you with the location of your vehicle, where you can find the nearest charging stations and the most efficient route to get there. The app also estimates the amount of CO2 emissions and money you save based on your driving style - to help you manage costs and improve your efficiency.

Customizable Screens
SYNC® with MyFord Touch™ technology in the Focus Electric gives you the same great connectivity - to your music, navigation and favorite devices - that you get in other Ford vehicles, while offering a unique level of customization. Using the five-way buttons on the steering wheel, you can customize your view in the two 4.2-inch LCD instrument cluster screens to show your battery charge status, distance to the next charging station and more. This information helps you keep track of how you drive, so you can make adjustments to maximize your range and efficiency. 

240-Volt Charging Station

To charge the high-voltage, lithium-ion batteries of the Focus Electric more quickly, you can have an optional 240-volt charging station installed. It gives you a full charge in approximately 3 to 4 hours. Focus Electric also comes with a standard 120-volt convenience cord, which allows you to charge the batteries in your own garage, using a standard 120-volt household outlet. 

Brake Coach

This feature, found in the instrument cluster screen, helps you optimize the use of the car's regenerative brakes. It displays a graphic that shows the amount of energy captured each time you stop, so you can make adjustments to help maximize your range. 

Regenerative Braking

This remarkable technology helps you achieve maximum energy-efficiency. It captures more than 90 percent of the energy normally lost as heat during braking, and recycles it to recharge the battery. 

MyKey™ Technology

MyKey™ lets you assign separate keys for additional drivers. It's designed to help parents encourage teenagers to drive responsibly, by programming certain limits such as restricting top vehicle speed to 80 mph or stereo volume to 44 percent of max volume. You can also set the key to give a warning chime when the car's battery life is starting to get low. And because each key is programmed differently, MyKey™ allows you and any other drivers in your family to customize your own MyFord Touch screens and vehicle settings, without having to worry about the next driver making changes to them. 

Intelligent Access with Push-Button Start
You don't even have to have the keyfob in your hand to unlock or start your car. It can be in your pocket, your handbag, anywhere on you. And once you're in, you don't need to dig it out. Simply press the button to start the vehicle and you're on your way. 

Sony® Audio System with HD Radio™

The Focus Electric offers a quiet ride, unless, of course, you don't want it to be quiet. With a standard Sony® Audio System, nine speakers and HD Radio™, you can enjoy listening to crystal-clear digital audio and high-quality sound as loud as you want. You also get the convenience of iTunes® tagging.* If you hear a song playing on HD Radio that you like, simply press the Tag button. The song info will be transferred to your iPod® the next time you plug it in your car, so you can purchase it later from the iTunes® store.
*Sony is a registered trademark of Sony Corporation. iPod and iTunes are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. All rights reserved. 
Sirius® Satellite Radio

Focus Electric owners can enjoy a six-month trial subscription to more than 130 channels, including 100 percent commercial-free music, plus the best in sports, news, talk and entertainment, 24/7.*
*Service available in the 48 contiguous states and DC. Sirius, XM and all related marks and logos are trademarks of Sirius XM Radio Inc. Subscriptions governed by Sirius Terms and Conditions available at, and sold separately after complimentary trial period.

Eco-Friendly Seats

The standard innovative Earth-friendly cloth seat fabric in Focus Electric is made from 100 percent post-industrial materials - polyester fibers that would have ended up in landfills otherwise. The cushions also use a bio-based polyurethane foam derived from the oils of various plant seeds such as soybeans. 

Efficient Navigation

The MyFord Touch™ map-based navigation system inside Focus Electric can help you calculate the routes that give you the most mileage out of each charge. Using the eight-inch touch screen or simple voice commands, you can add your driving destination along with the next planned charging station and let the system coach you on how best to achieve the desired range. The system also provides an EcoRoute option, which gives you the most energy-efficient route to your destination.

MyFord Touch™ with Unique EV Content

This emotive display in the instrument cluster provides real-time information to help you get the most efficiency from your Focus Electric. It provides a unique visual of blue butterflies on the right cluster screen, which represent the surplus range beyond the point of the next charging station. The more butterflies on the screen, the greater the surplus. In selecting this visual, Ford designers were inspired by the concept of the "butterfly effect," in which a small change can have an enormous impact. To reinforce the message, at the end of each trip the display shows information such as energy consumed vs. the amount of gasoline saved by driving electric.

Kinetic Design

The Focus Electric makes no compromises when it comes to design. It exudes energy with its athletic Z shape, so whether it's taking on highway curves or parked and charging, it always looks like it's in motion. A rear spoiler and standard 15-spoke, 17-inch aluminum wheels add a touch of style to its athletic appearance. 

Illuminated Charge Port

You'll always know when your car is fully charged and ready to go. When you plug the connector cord into the Focus Electric charge port - located between the driver's door and front wheel well - it activates light rings around the port to indicate that it's connected. When the rings are flashing, that means a charge is in progress. When all rings are solidly lit, the charge is completed.

Courtesy from Ford

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