Saturday, November 6, 2010

Mazda MX-5 Miata "The U.S. Avordable Sports Cars"

Overview Mazda Miata in Need for Speed game
Real muscle 2011 Mazda MX-5 Miata

Have you ever play PC Games "Need for Speed" this is EA sports games production? If you ever play, of course know about one of the cars that can be played. Mazda Miata series.

In the real world, by site, The 2011 Mazda MX-5 Miata ranks 1 out of 5 Affordable Sports Cars. This ranking is based on our analysis of 65 published reviews and test drives of the Mazda MX-5 Miata, and our analysis of reliability and safety data.

The 2011 Mazda MX-5 Miata is a dream, especially for sports car enthusiasts on a budget. It's quick, agile, great on gas and reliable. Plus, the Miata holds its value longer than of its competitors.

The Miata carries into 2011 largely unchanged -- which doesn’t bother critics and enthusiasts. Its combination of thrilling handling, impressive build quality and long-term value isn’t anything to scoff at. And though it’s no high-end luxury roadster, you can’t tell when you sit behind the wheel. "This little Mazda delivers as much driving enjoyment -- if not outright power -- as 2-seat sports cars costing thousands more," writes Consumer Guide.

In fact, many believe the Miata is the best sports car available at this price point. Edmunds writes, "The 2011 Mazda Miata maintains its position as one of the all-time great roadsters, mixing refinement and excitement in an affordable, compact package."

Last year, the MX-5 Miata was named a Consumer Reports "Top Recommendation" and Consumer Guide "Best Buy." The 2010 MX-5 Miata was  also our pick for Best Sports Car for the Money. With little changed for 2011, it’s likely the accolades will keep rolling in.
Other Sports Cars to Consider

Shoppers in the market for a two-seat convertible should also check out the Nissan 370Z. It out powers the Miata by a whopping 165 ponies and arguably, offers a more comfortable interior. The 370Z doesn't trump the Miata in terms of handling, but most affordable sports car shoppers will still find it plenty satisfying. The deal breaker, however, may be its convertible top. It's nice and operates well, but the Miata is the only vehicle in this class that features an automatic retractable hardtop. The biggest downside is that the 370Z costs nearly $14,000 more than the MX-5.

For more luxury, check out the BMW Z4 and Porsche Boxster -- but be prepared to spend more than double what you will pay for a base Miata.

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

The First Thing You Should Do When Traffic Accident Happen

When you have traffic accidents, whether it cars, trucks, motorcycles, and you have an accident insurance, you should immediately file a claim with the company for the incident.

Filing an insurance claim and handling insurance adjusters can be quite a task. Here are things you must fill in claim forms and what you do not have to fill it at the time.

  • Do contact your insurance company as soon after the accident or injury as possible. Unless you have some very serious injuries to take care off, your insurance agent is the first person to call in case of an accident or injury.
  • Do take time to read your insurance policy and understand it. This will help you in determining what coverage your policy allows so as to make the necessary claims.
  • Do your best to get as many details of the accident as possible. This will include taking pictures of the damaged vehicles and any injuries sustained. Also do try to take down the names and numbers of any witnesses to the accident who may later be able to help prove your insurance claim.
  • Do make a note of the insurance details of any other person or vehicle involved in the accident.
  • Do keep a written account of any conversations and dealings with the insurance officers, agents, and any other people involved in the claims process.
  • Do save receipts and bills for any and all expenses relating to your insurance claim, bills for any repair work on the damaged vehicle, and also any medical costs incurred on the treatment of any injuries that are covered by your insurance policy.
  • Do be frank and honest with the insurance investigators so that your claim is not denied for fraudulent reasons.
  • Do check if you have more than one insurance policy that provides coverage for the particular accident or injury. Many people have multiple insurance policies under which they may be able to file valid insurance claims. So, do take the time to review all your insurance policies.
  • Don’t admit to any kind of liability on your part but just stick to the facts without expressing any opinion. The ascertaining of liability is affected by different circumstances. It is not your job to admit fault but is the job of the insurance investigators to gather all the necessary facts and evidence and then determine liability.
  • Don’t give anything in writing to any insurance officers, whether your own or the other party’s, if you do not understand any part of your policy or claim.
  • Don’t let any time limits to file your insurance claim run out. All insurance companies require you to file an insurance claim within specified periods of time after the accident or injury. So make sure you don’t disregard this time limit or else your claim may not be considered valid.
  • Don’t take everything that your insurance agent tells you as the last word, especially regarding the value of your claim or a settlement. Insurance companies always try to give you estimates of losses that are lower than your actual losses. Don’t just accept their estimates without doing some estimation of your own.
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Let's perfected how to play golf!

Have you find it difficult to swing well? did you ever thought about what your hands and forearms are actually doing at the moment of impact? If not, please give this a try because it's one of the most important parts of the swing.

Try to get into the impact position, like you are about to make solid contact with the ball. Now flip your trailing wrist like you were casting a fishing pole. This is referred to as a wrist break, and it's not a move that you want to make in golf. So if you are trying to "flip" your hands through the ball at impact, this tip may help you understand the correct way to make this happen.

If you put a wrist watch on you'll be able to visualize the correct moves to make. As your leading arm approaches impact the watch face should be getting close to pointing exactly down the target line, or to the flag. Now simply ROTATE the watch face so it's pointed at the ground. With a club in your hands, you'll see that this move makes your trailing wrist and forearm "flip" on top of your leading wrist and forearm.

You also see that this will help to "close" the face of your club nicely, that will both reduce your slice, and add distance. This is the correct move to be completing through impact.

It's important to note that your forearms should be working together as well. Try to keep your forearms as close to each other as possible through the impact zone. If you can master this move, you'll find increased distance and it will also do wonders for your slice

* Left Knee during the Swing

Many golfers let the left knee collapse toward the right on the backswing. This causes your shoulder to drop, and makes your hips sway and overturn. To fix this, imagine your left knee going out toward the target on the backswing. You should feel tension and stability in both knees. Can't quite get it? Try this: Imagine that you're holding a basketball between your knees. Give it a try, you'll be amazed!

* Hand Position during Backswing

Here's a good image to keep in mind during your backswing: Think of placing your right hand in a "hitchhiker" position. This means that when the club is at waist height, you should be able to look back and see your thumb pointing to the sky. Here's another trick: Imagine that your hand is in a handshake position, with the palm facing neither up nor down. These simple thoughts will ensure the beginning of your swing is correct!

* Pause at the Top
Swinging too quickly is a common mistake. I'm not saying you shouldn't swing with power and acceleration  but rather, that you need to maintain a rhythm. The best way to accomplish this is to imagine a slight pause at the top of your backswing before changing direction and beginning the downswing. Do this and you'll find your ball in the middle of the fairway more often!

* Rock-Solid Right Knee

On the backswing, it's crucial to keep weight on the inside of the right foot, and maintain a slight bend in the knee. Failure to do this can mean poor contact and a loss of power. As you take the club back, imagine that the right knee is braced and solid like a wall. This helps your upper body coil behind the ball, so you can make an aggressive move through it--and really send it flying!

* Muscle It!

Golf isn't a wrist game. To achieve a powerful swing, you need to employ the big muscles of the legs and trunk. The common instinct of many amateurs is to hit at the ball with only the arms and wrists. Every once in a while this may connect, but for real consistency and power, use the whole body, not just part of it. Muscle it!

* Hit Low Into the WindMany players feel that they need to hit it harder into a breeze, but this causes them to put more spin on the ball and hit it higher. To hit it lower and more controlled, put the ball back in your stance a few inches and keep your hands forward. Use a longer club than you would otherwise, and swing easy. Remember the old saying, "Swing with ease into the breeze."

* Use Club Loft to Your Advantage

When trying to get the ball airborne, hit down and through it. By allowing the club's loft to do the work, you'll achieve good contact, resulting in a natural flight path. Remember, golf clubs have loft for a reason--use it to your advantage!

* Swing Easy When It's Breezy
When you're playing in the wind, a simple but very good thought is "swing with ease into the breeze." This thought helps keep you from over swinging in the wind and, in turn, prevent your ball from sailing too high. Greg Norman said he used this one on his way to winning the 1994 British Open.

* Solidify Your Swing's Foundation
A consistent golf swing requires a smooth tempo and good balance. Just as a house needs a solid foundation, so does your golf swing. Practice hitting some shots with your feet close together (about six inches apart). This forces you to maintain better balance, tempo, and rhythm and will prove effective when you go back to hitting from your normal stance.

* Swing through the Ball, Not at It

Consistent, powerful swings usually have one thing in common--extension through the ball after hitting it. A good way you can learn to perfect this is to put a tee about eight inches in front of the ball you are hitting. Make an effort to hit not only the ball but also the tee. This will help to train you to swing through the ball, not at it.

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Buy Honda CR-Z with Mugen Accessories only in this Spring!

Honda-unveiled a CR-Z hybrid outfitted with Mugen accessories at the SEMA show on Tuesday and said it will launch a limited run of 300 similarly styled kits this spring.

The Mugen package includes a full body kit, unique grille, rear spoiler, 17-inch aluminum wheels and black aluminum shift knob. Pricing will be announced closer to launch. The kits come with a serial-numbered plaque.

The CR-Z is Honda’s two-seat hybrid equipped with a six-speed manual and aimed at enthusiasts.

The company also showed off its speed genes with the reveal of a pair of Honda Performance Development concepts, the R Concept and the CR-Z Racer. Neither is intended for production. Both cars get turbochargers to raise output to 200 hp and 175 lb-ft, upgraded brakes, aero enhancements and suspension tuning.

“It’s clear that sports cars of the future will need to deliver respectable fuel economy and respectable performance,” said Bruce Smith, vice president of Honda’s parts operations.

Two CR-Z Racers will be campaigned at the 25 Hours of Thunderhill endurance race in December.

The Honda stand also featured a Honda Factory Performance Accord Crosstour with 19-inch wheels, a body kit and lower suspension.

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Monday, November 1, 2010

Volkswagen Jetta. "lower-priced U.S. model less sophisticated than European car"

Few small cars have the following of the Volkswagen Jetta, VW's best-selling model in the U.S. The name, says VW, refers to the Atlantic jetstream, "combined with the luxury and power of a modern jetliner."

Early models were homely and underpowered, but a successful mid-1990s redesign established the Volkswagen Jetta as the compact sedan of choice for up-and-coming buyers in their 20s. This model's subtly upscale cabin accommodations, fun-to-drive demeanor and VW-cool styling set it apart from mainstream economy cars. The availability of a diesel model called the TDI meant that the Jetta could be very fuel-efficient as well. Later, Volkswagen added a Jetta wagon, which proved popular with young families.

Recently, VW noted that the average Jetta buyer was now in his 30s and likely in need of more room. So the company made the fifth-generation model (2005 to present) considerably larger, transforming it from a compact into a midsize car. In the process, styling cues and handling characteristics were softened, giving the Jetta a more conventional look and feel.

Current Volkswagen Jetta

The current Volkswagen Jetta sedan is available in S, SE, Wolfsburg Edition, TDI, TDI Cup "Street" Edition and SEL trim levels, while the wagon (Sportwagen) comes in S, SE and TDI only. All S and SE models, as well as the SEL sedan, are powered by a 170-horsepower 2.5-liter inline five-cylinder. A five-speed manual is standard with this engine, while a six-speed automatic is optional. Wolfsburg Edition Jettas get a turbocharged 2.0-liter four good for 200 hp; a six-speed manual transmission is standard here, and VW's "DSG" dual-clutch automated manual transmission is available.

The Jetta TDI features a 2.0-liter turbodiesel engine that utilizes VW's new clean diesel technology, making this car compliant with all 50 states' emissions requirements. Also available with either a six-speed manual or DSG, the diesel produces 140 hp and a healthy 236 pound-feet of torque, and yields up to 41 mpg on the highway.

The Volkswagen Jetta sets itself apart from domestic and Japanese economy sedans by offering a distinctly European interior and feel to the driving experience. Features are also plentiful. Even the base S trim comes with such niceties as stability control, heated seats and eight-way-adjustable heated front seats with power recline, while the SE features upgrades like a sunroof, heated front seats and a 10-speaker stereo. Further luxuries can be had with the SEL trim and through stand-alone options such as a hard-drive-based navigation system. The Wolfsburg Edition is essentially a Jetta SE with the turbocharged engine, while the TDI Cup "Street" Edition adds bigger wheels and brakes, sport seats and the suspension from VW's GTI.

In reviews, our editors have praised the current Jetta for its cabin furnishings, which have a premium feel. We've also found fit and finish to be above average. The ride is smooth and quiet, and adults won't mind riding in the backseat, though it's not as spacious back there as in a mainstream family sedan. Overall, this is a practical, well-appointed car that's well worth considering if you're in need of a sedan for under $25K.
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