Saturday, November 13, 2010

Chrysler 300C "Real Muscle American style"

The history ofChrysler Company was founded by Walter Chrysler (1875–1940) on June 6, 1925, when the Maxwell Motor Company (est. 1904) was re-organized into the Chrysler Corporation.

Walter Chrysler had originally arrived at the ailing Maxwell-Chalmers company in the early 1920s, having been hired to take over and overhaul the company's troubled operations (just after a similar rescue job at the Willys car company). In late 1923 production of the Chalmers automobile was ended.

And now 300C launch is currently scheduled for December 23, 2010. An eight-speed automatic is reportedly to be available late in the year, as we predicted, but it seems to be optional even in non-SRT8 trim; a model so equipped can reportedly hit 30 mpg.

The base models will have a V6 pushing out 292 horsepower, with better highway mileage than the 2010 V6. The optional Hemi will go up slightly to 363 horsepower, but gas mileage reportedly increased. There are to be four models (and a possible SRT8): Touring (with V6), Limited (with V6, leather, heated front seats, fog lamps, backup camera, 18-inch chrome wheels, bright door handles, and more), 300C (standard V8), and 300C AWD.

Oh2o wrote that “Chrysler is going to launch a new series of large-screen radios in several 2011 models, which will feature an 8.4" touch screen, with and without navigation. The new radios will be offered in the 2011 Dodge Charger, 2011 Chrysler 300, and 2011 Dodge Journey. 8.4" non-nav touch-screen radios will be standard and the 740N navigation version will be an option on some models and standard on others.”

Pricing data from a yet-unconfirmed source suggests that the 300 will start at around $33,000, in Touring form; the Limited adds nearly $7,000, and the 300C checks in at a starting price of around $42,000. AWD, available only on 300C, adds around $2,200. The 392 SRT8, if it appears at all, will do so as a 2012 model.

How close is the photo above? A source said, “The lines have been refined. They focused on the weaknesses. The grille was addressed. The interior is different from the spy shots now, the steering wheel is a little different, and the speedometer is more refined. The gauge cluster looks like a contemporary Swiss watch.”

On the inside, we were told not surprisingly to expect much better materials, fit, and finish. The flat instrument cluster and straight, square dashboard have been replaced, with the new one having more contours and curves, with contrasting materials in both color and texture. Blind-spot detection is also in the works for all upper level Chrysler cars and multipurpose vehicles, along with other new-to-Chrysler safety features.

People have been told to expect:

  • Far better interiors, matching the best sedans in the price range
  • Higher gas mileage, especially from the V6
  • Europeans will, according to “mrmopar,” get a 3.0 V6 VM Motori diesel instead of the  MercedesV6 diesel, but it will still use the W5A580 transmission.
New versions of the 2011 Chrysler 300, Dodge Challenger, and 2011 Dodge Charger will be shown in calendar-year 2010, and will be made exclusively in Brampton, including models for sale in Europe. The revised Challenger may or may not lag the others. There has been no hint of a luxury version yet, but (speculation) it is possible that the 300 will be on a longer wheelbase than the Charger. (That would make room for the 200C).

Compared with the current LX series, the next generation — also termed LX (previously tagged LY) — will be:

  • Aerodynamics. Less boxy. Not back to cab forward, but enough to improve noise, fuel economy, and make the cars more elegant. Charger will have more “retro cues” but will be recognizeably modern.
  • More fuel efficient.
o Far better aerodynamics (Styling now reports to Engineering’s Frank Klegon)
o Modified axle ratios
o Pentastar V6 engine — the 3.6 liter provides 290 hp with better mileage than the current 250 hp 3.5 liter  more quietly than the Toyota V6. The 300 might have higher horsepower  than the Grand Cherokee.
o More gears in the transmission (an eight-speed was being studied but is unlikely). A six-speed automatic might be used or all models might use the Mercedes-designed WA580 until the supply contract expires. (See below for a later rumor.)
  • Better interiors. The next generation of full-sizers will set the standard for the rest of the brands in the divisions.
  • Comfort features. New entertainment systems and driver comfort options.
  • Improve on all-around performance.

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